Goulter's Vinegar

Vinegar cocktail and mocktail recipes

The basic Honeygar cocktail recipe
Use this recipe as the base for your mocktail and try out the many variations to find your favourite drink.

Goulter’s Honeygar Vodka Summer Cocktail (for a mocktail leave out the Vodka)
  30ml Goulter’s Organic Honeygar
  30ml Vodka
  150ml Tonic Water
  Squeeze of lime
  Ice Cubes

This delicious low sugar Honeygar cocktail is very refreshing and best serviced chilled with mint and lime for garnish.

Honeygar cocktail variations
The variations are endless with this recipe but our favourites are;
  A splash of pomegranate juice (oh that colour!!)
  Muddled strawberries
  Juice of one squeezed orange
  Grated fresh ginger

Vinegar cocktail recipes
A basic cocktail recipe combines 60ml of spirits with 30ml sweetener and 15mls good vinegar – use Goulter’s Apple Cider Vinegar or why not try our Kiwifruit Vinegar – mixed well, served over ice and topped with sparkling or soda water.

Try these Goulter’s favourites;
  Gin 60ml, 30ml thyme syrup, 15mls Kiwifruit Vinegar topped with sparkling water, garnish with sprig of thyme. Make your own thyme syrup by mixing 1/3 cup boiling water with 1 cup honey and stir until dissolved. Then add 5 sprigs of thyme and steep for 30mins, then strain to remove solids. This will keep in your fridge for weeks.
  60ml whisky, 30ml honey syrup, 15mls ACV topped with sparkling water.

  60ml whisky, 30ml maple syrup, 15mls Kiwifruit Vinegar
  60ml whisky or rum, 30ml honey sage syrup, 15ml ACV, garnish with fresh sage leaf. Make honey sage syrup by mixing 1/3 cup boiling water with 1 cup honey and stir until dissolved. Steep 10 fresh sage leaves in syrup for 30 minutes, then strain out solids. This will keep in your fridge for weeks.
  Combine 6tbs ACV, 6tbs honey and ½ cup water in a sauce pan. Bring to a boil stirring constantly then remove from heat and add 6 sprigs fresh thyme. Leave to steep for 3 minutes and strain. Move to a large pitcher, add 2 ½ cups water (still or soda), 2 cups lemon juice and 120ml vodka and mix well. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh thyme sprigs.

Or if you’re looking for a drink to really warm you up, try this one;
  Combine 2tbs Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 tbs maple syrup, 1tsp cloves and 2 cinnamon sticks in a large sauce pan and heat stirring constantly until warm. Add 4 cups apple cider, half a sliced orange and heat (don’t boil). Remove from heat and stir in 1 cup dark rum.

How to make the apple cider vinegar drink.

  1 Tablespoon Goulter’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

  250ml water
  Fresh lemon juice (I use 1/2 a small lemon) 
  1 teaspoon raw honey (we like Mountain Valley

  Combine all ingredients in a glass and stir!

To change it up
Add a squeeze of fresh lime and muddle kaffir lime leaves
Add muddled strawberries and fresh mint leaves or thyme for a festive flavoured drink
Add some freshly grated ginger
Get creative and enjoy!

Goulter’s Hotty Toddy Winter Drink
  2 tsps of Goulter’s Kiwifruit vinegar
  1tsp of Honey (of your choice)
  1 cup of warm water  – ensure the water is warm enough so the honey melts

Give it a good stir up and ENJOY! Keeps the Winter chills at bay by supporting your immune system!

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